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Welcome KFMM Fans, and Thank You for hangin’ out with Kung fu Movie Madness! I am very excited that you chose to come to this site. We have a solid Kung Fu movie list that keeps growing and not to mention pages focusing on our favorite Kung Fu movie Actors.

2014 will be a great year for all of us and a great year for Kung Fu Movies. Not to mention Kung Fu Movies 2013 to enjoy like Ip Man: The Final Fight, The Grandmaster, and Man of Tai Chi. I was able to Netflix Man Of Tai Chi and was pleasantly surprised at how good it was, so check it out if you haven’t.

Kung Fu Movie Madness has been updated for the New Year. This is a review fan site showcasing Kung Fu movies of the 70’s and 80’s as well as today’s modern Kung Fu films. KFMM is continuously growing and adding more movies, news, products along with other fun things Kung Fu related. I’m proud to announce that we now sell some of the Best Kung Fu Movies. Keep checkin’ in for discounts!

Coming Soon KFMM will showcase classic Kung Fu images with some of the hottest Kung Fu movie stars. I will also be creating a Kung Fu movie youtube page to highlight many of my favorite fight scenes from my favorite Kung Fu movies. Keep visiting the site for all the new exciting things that I hope to add this year.

The inspiration for Kung Fu Movie Madness  came from my childhood.  I used to watch nothin’ but the old classic Kung Fu movies from the 70’s and 80’s with my sister. Yeah I know, I had a cool sister kung fu movie madness(Brenda, R.I.P 1980) , so I thank her for introducing me to Bruce Lee and for having a love for Martial Arts.

KFMM will also be doing GIVE AWAYS of free items soon, like the free screensaver (The Gordon Liu image) you can find on the right hand side bar.  So always be on the look out for cool stuff from us!

I want to thank all of the fans who started out with the site in 2010. The site had a bit of a setback here and there because of life but I’m back with an even stronger focus and dedication. So if you know anyone who is into classic Kung Fu Movies It would be well appreciated if you pass the word along or share the site on your social media.

I’m also looking for any suggestions from you guys about what you would like on this site to make it better, I’ll also be putting out some wild ideas I have that will need your feedback. I’m interested in making this site a great place for the Kung Fu movie community to hang out and share our ideas.

Thank You again and enjoy the site,

Kung Fu Scorpion
– @KungFuScorpion

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