How did Bruce Lee die?

How did Bruce Lee Die?

Do you think the Triads were involved?


 How did Bruce Lee die? You have soHow did Bruce Lee dieme that say he was drugged; many say that the Triads had something to do with his death. Allegedly, the medical reports say he had a brain aneurysm.

I even remember a rumor when I was a kid that the reason Bruce Lee died was because, He drunk COWS BLOOD! Hmmmmm. really?

I have my own theory. How did Bruce Lee die? I believe Bruce Lee’s death was a pre-meditated murder. I believe there were people whose power was threatened by him and they wanted to stop him.

If you think about it Bruce Lee was the type of person who wasn’t afraid and didn’t back down to anyone. So you know he had some enemies.

When he first started teaching Kung Fu he was teaching to everyone at that time, he didn’t care what race you were or where you came from.  This caused problems with the other Kung Fu schools because they did not believe in teaching to outsiders.(Americans)

While filming the “Big Boss” in China, Bruce didn’t have too many fans on set, so they say, because he was very demanding making sure his vision was achieved. He felt his destiny was to share the Chinese culture with the world therefore redefining the world’s stereotyping of it.

He also changed the way Kung Fu films were made by modernizing them and adding multi-culture to them. This couldn’t have made the Chinese Film industry too happy.  Not to mention he was probably the healthiest man on earth at the time.

So, I believe he was drugged purposefully (perhaps by the Triads, or by the Chinese government) because he represented too much change too quickly for China.How did Bruce Lee die

On another note you have the movie “Chinese Connection” where he dies at the end. And you have “Game of Death” where Bruce Lee poses a fake death to find out why someone was trying to kill him on the set of his movie, “Chinese Connection”.

Was Lee trying to say something there or it just made for a good storyline? I don’t know! But it does seem very suspicious.  Maybe he was too Americanized; or for a better choice of words too open; naw how about too Universally minded.

How did Bruce Lee die? Because Bruce was such a big international star his influence had an effect on the people of China opening their consciousness to greater freedom, which the powers that be still don’t want for their people.


Now I’m no expert and this is just my opinion. If someone has a better theory on the death of Bruce Lee post in the comments below. All theories are welcome, and please no arguing. this is simply a place to discuss possibilities. Let us respect one another the way Bruce would have liked us to.

How do you think Bruce Lee died?

Do you believe the general story about his death or have you made your own theory, or heard something that resonates with you as how did Bruce Lee die?

Give me a taste of your ideas surrounding the death of Bruce Lee. Tell me what you believe happened.


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  1. adam says:

    I’d say the Hollywood mafia killed him. He was a mega star even before his major movie was released. He was already a big star in china and about to make it big in America. He probably refused to get into contract with major film studios, and had the backing and connection to make it happen on his own. They simply wouldn’t allow a Chinese guy to start to dominate their market. we’re talking about billions of dollars not to mention almost religious-like following throughout the world. That sort of power is never given if they can not control it.

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