Broken Oath

One of Angela Mao’s Kung Fu Classic Films

” Broken Oath ” is one of Angela Mao ‘s most popular movies. Made by Korean director Jeong Chang-Hwa with added choreography by Yuen Woo-Ping, who choreographed The Matrix series, this Golden Harvest classic holds its own with Angela as the star.

The story begins with the tale of a woman whose husband has been killed by an evil clan and she is thrown in jail for life for attempted murder because she fought off one of these evil clan members when being raped.

This woman dies after giving birth to Lotus Lin, Angela Mao’s character, and before she dies she gives Lotus to another inmate who becomes Lotus’ God-mother and makes the God-Mother swear that Lotus will be told everything that happened and that she is to be bred to take revenge in the name of her parents.

The God-mother decides to give Lotus a better chance at life than the one her mother wanted for her and leaves Lotus at a Shaolin Monastery to teach her about love and kindness.

Unfortunately, Lotus grows up with an instinctively revengeful heart and can’t understand where it comes from. She is eventually released from the monastery because of her aggressive, restless and angry spirit.

brokenoathblade Broken Oath

Lotus returns to her God-mother to find out the truth of who she is and once told the cause of her pain, all hell breaks out because the China Doll is on the loose.

” Broken Oath ” is a movie with a lot of good action along with great stars in this film. You have Sammo Hung as a villain henchman along with Wai-Man Chan as the lead villain and Bruce Leung, who is also known for playing The Beast in “Kung Fu Hustle“  Angela Mao kicks a lot of butt in this film and what I like the most is she uses Scorpions as weapons (My sign is Scorpio).

It was cool to watch this Golden Harvest classic. I’m looking forward to watching more films with Angela Mao in them. She demonstrates a lot of power in her punches and kicks. She is easily one of my top 5 favorite female fighters in the game.

“Broken Oath” is a movie I strongly consider any fan of Kung Fu movies to see. It showcases plenty of stars and most of all it gives you the China Doll herself.

Fatal Needles Fatal Fist

Martial Arts movies like ” Fatal Needles vs Fatal Fists “are in a class by themselves. Made in 1978 this Taiwan film stars ” The Hot, The Cool and the Vicious” star Don Wong and “Five Fingers of Death” star Lo Lieh. Don Wong and Lo Lieh play two officials of the law in a small town.

They both are able to maintain the peace until they come across the notorious Four Devils. During the fight, Don Wong’s character, Ming Hu, accidentally stabs and kills his partner Chow played by Lo Lieh.

Ming Hu feels so bad about what has happened that he decides to stop fighting and becomes a recluse. His first stop is at a brothel in another town, Ming Hu at this point is very depressed and drunk that he accumulates a small debt and has no money to pay it off.

The Madame of the brothel decides to keep him on so that he can pay off his debt. Ming Hu no longer identifies with his old self and so he takes on a new name given to him by the madame called Chen Chi.

Chen Chi the coward is very passive and has no self-respect. He seems out of place as a worker in the brothel often making many mistakes and interfering with the business clients that come there. He eventually leaves after defending one of the girls and being considered a hero.

Chen Chi refuses to be looked upon as a hero so he leaves the brothel drunk again and ends up at the front door of the town’s magistrate called Virtue House. There Chen Chi works as the helper of the person who owns the lowest position there.

What makes martial arts movies like ” Fatal Needles vs Fatal Fists “so unique is that director Lee Tso Nam has many subtle references in the movie that depict a closed state of mind or a state of being trapped.

When you watch the movie you can see in certain scenes, like when Don Wong is talking to the magistrate’s daughter, there is a cage in front of his face and it sort of explains what he’s trying to express to her. There are several examples of this in the movie, it”s like the director is trying to convey a message to the audiences about the way he perceives life.

Chen Chi eventually gets his courage back when he decides to fight after his friend gets thumped. This friend, who he works for, gets totally embarrassed by getting his butt kicked by two thugs who work for the great Chung Tung played by Chang Yi, a villain who is responsible for the fight with the Four Devils that helped get his friend Chow (from the beginning of the film) killed.

Chen Chi now decides to help the magistrate get rid of Chung Tung and his men because they are trying to distribute drugs in the town.

The ending fight scene of this movie showcases Don Wong and Chang Yi displaying an epic fight scene that ends with an unexpected diversion that wins the fight for Don making Martial Arts movies like ” Fatal Needles vs Fatal Fists ” a film you don’t want to sleep on.

Martial Arts movies like ” Fatal Needles vs Fatal Fists ” stand out because even though its low budget compared to a Shaw Brothers movie the fight scenes are top-notch and have there own kind of identity that sets this movie apart from other low budget Kung Fu films.